Members Comments

If I had to economise as time went by, my subscription to the Salopian Poetry Society would be one of the last things I gave up. Sheila Grundy - Richmond - July 2013

I would like to express my respect for the sagacity of all concerned in the production of so splendid a poetry magazine as Salopeot. - Harry Crompton-fils - Tyldesley - June 2013

I really enjoy Salopeot - the Society seems to me to be very kind and friendly, which does not seem to be the case with all such societies. - Heather Buswell - Devon - June 2013

Thank you for such a marvelous poetry magazine. It is a pleasure to read and I do appreciate the effort necessary to produce it. William Edwards - Ramsgate - December 2012

The poems are always varied, heart-warming, funny and sad in equal measure, all chosen carefully to appeal to as many people as possible. Rosemary Davies- Plymouth - May 2013.

I was so pleased to receive my first copy of Salopeot. It is such a relief and so refreshing to be able to read poetry that one can actually understand. So much poetry nowadays is rather oblique and over-written. The poems in Salopeot are refreshingly comprehensive and yet many of them retain depth of feeling and strong imagery without going over the top.
Jane Lockyer Willis - Stanmore, Middlesex - September 2013.

I appreciate always the wonderful effort you put into the production of Salopeot and hope it will continue for many years. It is a beautiful magazine and a lot of care has ben ploughed into it each quarter. It is a great morale booster too ! - Maurice Horton - Beaumont Leys - March 2013.

Dear Friends,
My old body is preparing for its ride on the downward slope. For 82 years it has served me well, but the time comes when something has to give. Even so, unexpectedly, an event shoots in crosswise to give me an uplift. Such an event has been the introduction to your Society. Because of your collective hard work, many, like me, feel a genuine status and rejuvenation, a renewed discipline and framework in which we can display our latent talents.
No doubt our verse can lead to many more younger poets appearing (in Salopeot).
Thank you all sincerely for your patience and encouragement.
Cliff Chetta - Shrewsbury - June 2013.

Your magazine was given to me by a friend and many happy moments have been spent in devouring its contents. It was a pure delight to read such a varied selection that I was quite spoilt for choice and I'd hate to be asked to choose a favourite poem from it.
Win Saha - Wolverhampton - March 2011. (Win, a talented poet, is now a member.)

Thank you for your encouragement and your organised sponsorship of personal creativity.
Nigel Mundee - Cwmbran.

Gratefully received, the 40th anniversary edition of Salopeot (No. 160.)
It's always a joy to read every magazine but this time I must add my congratulations on your achievement. The lovely thing about Salopian Poetry Society is its accessibility to poets of all levels and this attitude has been promoted and encouraged. No toffee-noses here! Long may you continue.
Win Saha - June 2016.

Please find enclosed cheque to cover next year's subscription. Enjoying the magazine more than ever. Good to hear the true voice of of poetry.
Michael Newman - November 2016.

It is a delight to dip into Salopeot magazines and to find something new and inspiring each time. It gives an insight to the very different thought processes of your contributors, the way they choose to construct their verses and particularly how they play with their words. All very personal and unique to them. Congratulations on producing such an interesting and varied magazine.
New member Peter Rees - November 2016.

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